Industrial Cleaning Services


Whether you have a warehouse, construction site, or industrial yard, 10bet中文网 of Nashville can help with your commercial cleaning needs. Our fully customizable options allow you to choose how often we clean and which industrial cleaning services we provide. As an insured and bonded company, we take safety seriously. Our cleaning services can reduce the risk of injury and promote a healthier environment by keeping high traffic areas free of debris and sanitized to reduce the spread of bacteria.

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Industrial and manufacturing sites can vary greatly in layout and size. 10bet中文网 of Nashville is equipped to handle your space, ensuring a clean working environment to promote productivity and safety within your location. We work with your schedule, allowing us to offer day porter services and overnight cleaning to accommodate your cleaning needs during the busiest times.


By now, we know germs spread and how freakishly fast it can happen. 10bet中文网 of Nashville utilizes a color-coded system with our microfiber cleaning cloths to ensure there is no cross-contamination. 

Budget Friendly

Regular floor care and maintenance can greatly reduce your monthly cleaning expenses. We suggest a floor care program of scrubbing, buffing, stripping and waxing to remove the marks that daily mopping cannot. This detail clean makes regular maintenance easier and faster.


In the industrial business, timeliness and efficiency are imperative. Not only does a clean working environment encourage productivity, but it also decreases the risk of injury. Get your business running like a clean-oiled machine with our industrial cleaning services.



Ready for a cleaner space? Industrial sites are prone to getting dirty due to their large scale. Large machinery, high foot traffic, and debris collect quickly. This means you need industrial cleaning services to avoid injury or issues during operation hours. We get to know your business to properly accommodate your specific needs, including the size of the cleaning crew, timing of visits, and the special requirements of your facility. We clean industrial areas such as:

  • Break Rooms & Lunch Areas
  • Employee Restrooms & Locker Rooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • Conference / Meeting Areas
  • Common Areas / Large Warehouses
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Day Porter Services
  • High Vent Cleaning

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